January 27, 2022
Rasha Ismail

Rasha is an accountant and member at RDFL.  She has been participating and helping in organizing a number of events aiming to promote women’s rights.

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Perla Kattan
Monitoring Evaluation coordinator

Perla is the Monitoring Evaluation coordinator of RDFL. She worked as M&E coordinator in several national and international organizations. Perla has participated in all RDFL’s advocacy events from 2017 to date. She is a strong women’s rights defender. She has participated in several international conferences.

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Carmel Mhanna

Carmel is the manager of RDFL Zouk’s Branch. She is an active and effective member in a number of feminist and civil NGOs. She always takes part of RDFL’s events. 

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Rola Zaeiter

Rola was also elected to be member in the RDFL Bekaa branch board and then assumed responsibility. She was also elected to be part of the general administrative board of RDFL.

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Afaf Ghazal
Afaf is a secular, democratic and feminist woman who is fully opposed to the sectarian system. She is a former board member and is now the manager of RDFL’s Bekaa branch where she follows up on the progress of RDFL’s work in the region.
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Outeiba Merhebi
She is a legal consultant with RDFL with women who have suffered from domestic violence in front of the court.
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Walaa Rifai

Walaa is an Economy and Management B.S. graduate. She currently works at RDFL in the Administration and Data Entry section. Walaa attended a lot of trainings that mainly focused on Gender Based Violence, Protection Mechanisms, Proposal Writing, and Media and Communication. 

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Maryam Dirany

Maryam is a Psychology Master Degree graduate. She currently works at RDFL as Combating Gender-Based Violence Program Coordinator in Bekaa. Maryam attended tens of training related to Gender-Based Violence, Women’s Rights, Training of Trainers – TOT, Case Management, Safe Referrals, and others… In addition, she has represented RDFL in a number of local, regional, and international conferences.

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