Objective: To enhance the protection, resilience and resilience of women and young women within the host Lebanese society.

This project aims to support these goals by engaging local communities and partners involved in protracted crises to ensure that these goals are long-term and sustainable. Within the framework of the general objective of contributing to the transfer of power to women and youth in protracted crises in order to enable them to lead and influence humanitarian work that leads to increased protection and resilience.

The project objectives:

  • ActionAid’s HUM program is a four-year project that runs from mid-2018 to December 2021 and is implemented in the Dorus / Baalbek-Hermel governorate and Jibb Jenin Bekaa (Lebanon)
  • The project works to support women and youth through humanitarian work with the support of partners and funding from ActionAid
  • ActionAid’s strategy aims to support and protect women’s leadership in the humanitarian response, the localization of humanitarian efforts, and accountability to affected communities

The project seeks to make:

  • Young men, women and ladies are changing agents
  • Securing a safe space for women, young men and women
  • Protecting women and enhancing their power and leadership role
  • Achieving social integration between Syrian refugees and Lebanese society
  • Improve social norms

Women-led community based protection

  • Long-term result: Young people work alongside women of all ages to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Intermediate Outcome: Women are able to identify and address protection risks
  • Intermediate Outcome: Women have the ability to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Intermediate result: Women and youth know the legal rights of women and the duties of authorities and service providers to maintain these rights and ways to hold them accountable

Social and Economic Resilience

  • Long-term result: Women notice changes in the attitudes of other family members and community leaders towards them
  • Average result: Men and women have increased knowledge of how to address gender norms and the positive contribution of women within society

Accountability and Localization

  • Long-term result: Local partners, community-based organizations and community groups support women and youth in reducing vulnerabilities
  • Average result: Capacity of partners, community organizations and community groups to support women and youth in contracting government authorities and service providers

To do this, the following groups were adopted

  • Young Women 
  • Women Circles
  • Youth activisim community initiative (YACI)


Women are able to identify and address protection risks

  • 38  (20 in BB, 18 in JJ )  women & Girls from WPAG’s were trained on Rapid need assessment in both location .
  • Women and girls attended sessions in Baalbeck & Jeb Ianine on life skills (31 photography ,10 computer, 43 embroidery, 44 yoga,18 drawing classes,16 folklore) and  211 attended GBV sessions .These training sessions were designed based on their needs at the beginning of the development of the practical plan.
  • 168  women & girls received psychological support sessions
  • 17 individual cases with PSS
  • 15 referral cases to another NGO’S (Harmon, Oxfam- DRC- Magna- NRC, Mosawat )
  • 14 individual case management

Action plans to address protection risks designed and implemented by WPAGs

Preparation for the 16 days of activism, 33 (16 in JJ & 17 in BB) from WPAG’S were trained (refresher training on advocacy and campaign) to choose the topic of the advocacy.