There is a vital need for NGOs and CSOs to work to improve women’s rights and status through raising the awareness of the public on women’s rights in the aim of changing behaviors, attitudes and practices especially towards SGBV and child marriage. Work should be done at the level of the Lebanese society, but also on the level of decision makers to provide the legal framework necessary to protect women from all types of violence and ensure their rights are advanced. Within this framework, RDFL is working on the issue of combatting GBV and child marriage in Lebanon. With this regard, RDFL has drafted a law on child marriage that was adopted by MP Elie Kayrouz and submitted to the Lebanese Parliament.

In continuity with its advocacy strategy on sensitizing the community on the topics and mobilizing for the discussion of the submitted law at the parliament, RDFL will produce a documentary that archives various stories of women, survivors of SGBV who have suffered twice as much during the crisis times, and through launching an online campaign against SGBV and child marriage. The objective of this Project is to raise awareness against SGBV and child marriage in order to mobilize the Lebanese parliament to Ratification of the law on child marriage submitted by RDFL at the Lebanese Parliament.

 Production of a documentary based on real life stories


  • Increased awareness of the Lebanese society on child marriage and SGBV effects
  • Sensitization of the Lebanese on SGBV issues in Lebanon
  • Engagement of the Lebanese society in advocating against child marriage in Lebanon

Organizing regional forum by RDFL

RDFL initiate the establishement of a regional forum that will consist on a series of workshops together with women organisations in the middle east and north africa region, and organise the attendence based on the social and political situation in Mid 2022. The forum will be held online and facilittated by RDFL with the support and axctive engagement of other national and regional organisations.

RDFL will document and followup on the discussion outcomes and the agreed common steps to be taken to regionally adress the problems related to child marriage and GBV.

Conduct a series of workshops in the parliament led by advocacy experts 50 young activist 


  • A group of 50 young activists has strengthen their knowledge on SGBV effects and advocacy means
  • Young activist groups are ready to advocate efficiently to fight GBV and child marriage

Initiate an online and media advocacy campaign against GBV and child marriage


  • Media representatives are sensitized to cover news related to child marriage in Lebanon
  • Lebanese society, especially youth are sensitized to support RDFL’s submitted law to end child marriage in Lebanon
  • Lebanese parliament is urged by the society to ratify the law submitted by RDFL to end child marriage in Lebanon