In Jeb Janine, 18 awareness sessions about reproductive and sexual health were conducted in the center. The main objective of the given sessions was to raise awareness about reproductive and sexual health regarding how to maintain menstrual hygiene taking into consideration the economic crises and the difficulty in getting a good quality of the sanitary pads and introducing the alternatives. The target group was 270 persons divided into teenagers, adolescents and adult women who were the same target of the surveys filling process.

At the end of the sessions, hygiene kits with printed campaign logo were distributed to the participants containing sanitary pads, soap, towel and awareness brochure with full information about menstrual hygiene, wrong and right practices and health requirements.

The Sexual and Reproductive health campaign in Jeb Janine was attached by a social media animation awareness video that explained the definition of sexual and reproductive health rights phrase with examples using a simple voice over language for all audience to understand the content, as it also showed the assessment survey

results that was held by the groups of women in Jeb Janine regarding these rights in order to spot the high lack in receiving these rights in the area, especially during the current economic crisis.