This program is implemented by RDFL in partnership with KTK, and Diakonia and its general goal is to contribute in combating violence against women and girls in Lebanon. 

Through this project, RDFL aimed at expanding and strengthening the protection of women from violence individually and at community level in five governorates in Lebanon. It also aims at advocating towards the adoption of a law that ends child marriage in Lebanon. 

These are achieved through:

1- Conduct 36 awareness sessions over a period of  12 months in RDFL’s centers, schools, community centers, on:

  • GBV effects
  • Civil and legal rights concerning Personal status laws and Penal laws
  • Gender-based discrimination
  • Child marriage
  • Protection means 
  • Reporting mechanism on abuse


2- Capacity building for RDFL team and maintaining the front-liners wellbeing.

  • Conduct a two-day training on Cyber communication skill enhancement training for RDFL team. (15 participants)
  • Conduct a two-day training on core competences for GBV team (15 participants)
  • Cover the phone expenses of RDFL front liners who are delivering services remotely to the beneficiaries.
  • Cover up to 36 individual psychological session expenses to ensure the wellbeing of RDFL front-liners.


3- Provision of case management services, legal consultations and court representation for GBV/SGBV survivors:

  • Provide 70 women with case management services
  • Provide 10 women with court representation services
  • Provide 12 women with legal consultation services


4- Support RDFL efforts on the 16 days of Activism Campaign Against Child Marriage 2021.