The Campaign:

Women, who are exposed to violence, find themselves fleeing the action against them, but when they are repeatedly exposed to violence, they are forced to seek asylum (a safe environment) more than once. Violence against women takes on many faces, but the solution is to find absolute protection for women. These women are #refugees twice. Here, we do not mean a refugee, i.e. fleeing from her homeland to a new country. Rather, it is about women, regardless of their nationalities, who resort from violence to a safe environment in Lebanon. But unfortunately, they are exposed to violence in the new environment and are trying to seek refuge a second time.


As part of #TwiceARefugee campaign, RDFL, in partnership with EFI, Care, and LAW and with the support of the EU Madad Fund has organized a space dialogue titled “Till when will women in Lebanon stay #TwiceARefugee?”. The event gathered women parliamentarians, women from political parties and public spheres to speak about the challenges they faced during their journeys. These women also shared their success stories. The campaign reached more than 1 million people through RDFL’s online platforms that helped in spreading awareness on domestic violence, forced and child marriage, and the importance of seeking justice for women refugees and from the host community.