In Baalbek and based on the increase in the Cyber bullying cases, especially during the quarantine period and the corona virus pandemic, the women groups chose the campaign to be on Cyber violence which was briefly defined as an online behaviors that can always lead to assault of a person physically, psychologically or emotionally.

Initially, 300 cups of coffee were distributed at Express Abu Khalil to passers-by and to the women of the center who invited us and found them waiting for us at the Express. 10,000 cups of coffee and 20,000 cups of Nescafe in addition to protection and cup coasters with the campaign logo and written key awareness messages were distributed on a number of expresses, beauty salons and clubs in Baalbek area.

In parallel, the women groups worked hard on the campaign to reduce this kind of violence by providing awareness sessions at several schools as below:

The sessions started by presenting a video for a woman that was subjected to cyber violence as a survivor story, followed by asking students what they know about cyber violence then they gave a presentation on the ways of protection used against this kind of violence in order to let students find out what are the ways that every person should know to protect him/herself from cyber violence.

Also as part of the 16 days of activism campaign, the team carried out 4 awareness sessions on digital violence in both centers targeting 15 Lebanese teenage girls, 18 Syrian teenage girls in Jeb Janine and 37 participants in the International Girl’s Day. The sessions ended with a celebration that included individual photography of the girls and distribution of gifts.

The Cyber violence campaign in Baalbek was attached by a social media awareness video that presented the story of a woman who was subjected to cyber violence as a survivor, and an animation awareness video showed the definition of this kind of violence and its types in addition to the steps of protection in case subjected to it.