Date of Birth: 13-04-1971

Date of Joining RDFL: 2003

Brief about Maryam:

Maryam is a Psychology Master Degree graduate. She currently works at RDFL as Combating Gender-Based Violence Program Coordinator in Bekaa.

Maryam attended tens of training related to Gender-Based Violence, Women’s Rights, Training of Trainers – TOT, Case Management, Safe Referrals, and others… In addition, she has represented RDFL in a number of local, regional, and international conferences.

Since 2014 and after the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Maryam contributed to the establishment of RDFL’s Ksarnaba branch which is a safe place for women and girls to meet and express themselves. Ever since Maryam was elected more than once to be the branch supervisor.

Maryam has also worked on mobilizing the community to join RDFL’s campaigns and activities.


To all women, believe in yourselves and abilities and kill the fear in you. Then, go ahead towards achieving your goals.