Date of Birth: August 15th, 1969

Date of Joining RDFL: April 2003

Brief about activism:

Outeiba Merhebi is a lawyer and women rights activist. She has a Bachelor of law from the Lebanese University in Tripoli. She gained her master of law (LLM), from the University of Minnesota law school, where she is specialized in human rights and international laws. She is also a certified trainer in women rights and human rights and leadership skills for NGOs from American University in Beirut.

She became a fellow of John Smith Memorial Trust for good governance, social justice and Rule of law in 2012. In addition; she is one of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows for 2009-2010 since she has been selected by IIE for one year program of graduate study and professional development at University of Minnesota Law School, Human Rights Center.

She is now working as a legal consultant with RDFL with women who have suffered from domestic violence in front of the court.  She has delivered a lot of lectures about women rights and Laws that discriminated against women in Lebanon. She has represented Lebanon in several international and regional conferences and meetings.

Quote:  Economically independent women are more able to take the right decision for herself or her family.