November 28, 2021

Date of Birth: March 15th, 1966

Date of Joining RDFL: April 2000

Brief about activism:

Rola has bachelor degree in Social Sciences.

Her beginnings with civil society volunteerism started in 1997 in the Lebanese Association for Studies and Training in the city of Baalbek where she was working in raising the awareness of the Bekaa community on development issues.

After that she moved to RDFL in 2000, and since that date she committed to RDFL’s work and cause.

She has carried the identity of RDFL since 2000 where she has strong faith in its principles, which made her grow more democratic and feminist through her practices.

Some of her main voluntary roles are:

– Coordinating activities, meetings and courses in the Bekaa area

– Coordinating the Bekaa Unit in the Committee For The Follow-up On Women’s Issues.

– Participating in all training courses in the field of human rights, and facilitate and train on courses and meetings related to combating violence against women, political participation and quotas, nationality, elimination of discrimination against women in Lebanese laws, media and advocacy, international resolutions

– Representing RDFL in many local and regional conferences

– Participating and leading a number of local and national initiatives

– Implementing several projects in the field of response and prevention of gender-based violence during the Syrian crisis in the Bekaa region with DRC, OXFAM, Action Aid, Liaison, UNICEF, and Forum ZFD

Rola was also elected to be member in the RDFL Bekaa branch board and then assumed responsibility.

She was also elected to be part of the general administrative board of RDFL.

Quote: Women are strong and capable of advancing their society no matter what their potentials are.