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News - October 26, 2022

Meeting with a group of female and male youth


The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering- Bekaa Branch held a meeting with a group of young women and men between the ages of 18 and 30, during which the concerns of young women and men were raised, with the registration of their most important needs to prepare for them in the form of training courses by the assembly and agreement on a periodic meeting at the center with the youth group and with acceptance Applications for affiliation of a number of young women to the gathering.

The youth raised their premonitions, their needs have been recorded to prepare for them training courses by RDFL, and decided to set a periodic meeting with the youth group, along with the acceptance of affiliate requests for a number of girls to the gathering.

During the meeting Mrs. Leila Mroueh has spoken about the economic crises and its impacts on the youth between the ages 18 and 25 with the deterioration of the education quality as she introduced RDFL establishment, centers, networking, and funding sources.