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Studies - March 15, 2024

National Study on Child Marriage in Lebanon

Study background:

The study aims to offer a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of child marriage in Lebanon, covering all governorates of the country. The data presented in this study serves as a current reference for any information related to child marriage since 2016. Its primary objective was to analyze the frequency of marriage among children and persons aged 18 and below in different regions of the country, taking into account different demographics such as religion, social status, level of education, etc., and it is a part of the ongoing struggle of the Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering within the #NotBefore18 campaign to end child marriage and to push towards the endorsement of setting the age of marriage law in Lebanon.

The study had a larger focus on the Lebanese Context and covered several key areas related to child marriage, including awareness, prevalence and age of marriage, health conditions and disabilities in the family, living conditions in refugee camps, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Beirut blast, as well as religious affiliations and their influence on marriage decisions. To view and download the National Study  in English: National Study on Child Marriage in Lebanon