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News - June 30, 2018

#NotBefore18: Post Elections Campaign

#NotBefore18 was back with an innovative new online campaign following the Lebanese parliamentary elections that took the country by storm – both aesthetically in the form of campaign posters and thoughtfully in the form of the country’s collective conscience. The new campaign focused on the electoral slogan posters that were plastered all around the country during the parliamentary election period.

As a part of the campaign, RDFL used the slogans of all of the politicians that took part in this Month’s elections – altering the photographs by covering them with the slogan:

“Time For Action: Pass the law to change the minimum age of marriage #NotBefore18”

Yes, the campaign highlights a desperate need to change the current laws that allow marrying off children in Lebanon, but it also highlights a much more serious one – for the politicians in power to stand up for the cause and make that change happen, because after all, they are the only ones who have the authority to do so.

Watch the new campaign’s GIF: https://www.facebook.com/RDFLwomen/videos/1655932421109489/