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News - June 30, 2018

Welcome to RDFL first newsletter – Word from the president

Welcome to the Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering- RDFL first newsletter, which puts into words the decisive actions that our feminist organisation has taken over the past months to promote the fundamental rights of women and girls in Lebanon.

This newsletter will be issued on a quarterly basis to inform you about latest news, events and updates from RDFL.

Every time I am at a meeting of our volunteers, I am struck by the diversity of ages that we have among our feminist members. Many young faces, full of passion, sharing power and making decisions with those who have been here for years. If this tells me anything, it highlights the remarkable spirit with which RDFL has renewed itself.

As we continue this journey for a fifth decade, we remain hopeful that we will touch many young lives with positive change. Our dedication to the values we defend remain as high as ever, our beliefs as relentless, and our activism as fierce.

As you will read in these lines, the RDFL team have tirelessly worked, empowered and advocated. With their unshakeable belief in equality as a cornerstone for prosperity and progress, they are spurred on to promote our values of feminism, secularism, transparency, democracy and equality.

I am proud that RDFL is now at the forefront of the fight to end child marriage in Lebanon. Last year, our #NotBefore18 media campaign kicked off on a high note. I was overwhelmed by the fantastic reaction from our supporters who joined our call for justice.

#NotBefore18 put into motion what had been a slow-moving river. For months, our supporters had been waiting for a draft law banning child marriage to enter discussions at the Lebanese Parliament committee. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, partners and officials who endorsed the draft bill, the proposal is now closer to realisation.

But our achievements are incomplete until women and girls live free from the shackles of patriarchy and discrimination. The fight will not stop until every girl is inspired to believe in what she can do, to stand up against violence, and to realise her dreams, whatever they may be.

Thank you,

Layla Mroue, President of the Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering- RDFL